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TMC Partners aims to provide the highest level of service and performance possible. Our narrow focus allows us to provide unparalleled delivery to APAC's International IT Companies searching for top bilingual candidates.
The Asia-Pacific Region's IT job market has matured and requires agencies to extend beyond a level of service that is general and all encompassing. Without a niche focus and a labor intensive approach, agencies often fall short of the performance required to be a top service provider to today's most exclusive and demanding global IT companies. TMC's niche focus and willingness to extend our service to a place other agencies may be unwilling or unable to go is the reason why our status is as the top IT service provider in Japan. We deliver more to our clients and candidates by utilizing an approach that focuses upon needs, delivery, and the trust required to build strong and long lasting relationships.
To understand unique candidate and client needs and to provide a service that is stable and sustainable, an agency must be able to specialize. Our focus is Mid Level to Executive level Engineering, Sales and Marketing positions within enterprise software, telecommunications, hardware and semiconductors. By focusing narrowly and deeply, we in turn gain the knowledge and trust needed to consistently fill key positions ahead of our larger, global competitors.
Accountability, trust, understanding and sustainable delivery are the reasons why we meet the demands of our candidates and clients and the reason why we outperform the competition. We develop partnerships as opposed to customers and our relationships with our partners relies upon more than a simple one-time transaction. 
TMC Partners is focused and reliable delivery. Let us build our relationship with you.
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